Background and research

I am a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Psychology at Yale University. Before joining Yale, I was a Newton International Fellow at the University of Oxford. Currently I am working with Dr. Molly Crockett on a series of projects about the psychological and neural basis of moral judgment and decision-making. For my CV, please see:


I completed a BA in physics and then a PhD in psychology at Peking University under the mentorship of Prof. Xiaolin Zhou. During my PhD I studied the cognitive and neural mechanisms of social emotions, such as guilt, gratitude, and forgiveness, combining psychology, neuroscience (functional imaging, brain stimulation, etc), and moral philosophy. In the third year of PhD, I had a short-term exchange position at University of Colorado Boulder, working with Prof. Tor Wager, Dr. Leonie Koban, and Dr. Luke Chang (now assistant professor at Dartmouth College) on a project of decoding guilt experience from fMRI signals.

My reading spans history, philosophy, anthropology, and literature. I believe that a common thread that goes through these disciplines is human mind (人心) and human nature (人性). While history documents the unfolding of human mind through out time, anthropology displays the specification of human nature across cultures. At the nexus of these two lines of inquiry sit psychology and philosophy. For me, good psychology research should be inspired by and respond to the theoretical and empirical background set up by those disciplines with an appropriate depth of philosophy.


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